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Software Migration

Logimetrix provides comprehensive application migration and modernization services, from planning, implementation to testing and support. We have deep expertise in legacy and emerging technologies and have extensive experience across industries and domains to script your success stories. Damco has helped global corporations successfully manage large scale and specific migration initiatives in consolidating their competitive edge.

Our application migration services:

  • Enable you to harvest the benefits of seamless migration
  • Provide tailor-made solutions for specific customer requirements and proof of concept to critically assess solution options
  • Provide system readiness for prospective application migration initiatives
  • Provide comprehensive assessment to develop a clear modernization roadmap and solution blueprint
  • Involves minimum service disruptions and no loss of business critical data

Migrate your data without veering off course. Our data migration offering and partnerships combines technology and best practices to help you analyze, extract, clean, validate, load, and reconcile your data. The result? Low risk, affordable data migration.

Our Software Reengineering and Migration Services are designed to respond to needs arising out of applications which lack user friendliness, incur enormous maintenance costs, are inflexible to the changing business market and end-user needs, or are developed on older technologies. Our Software Reengineering and Migration Solutions ensure that the application is kept abreast with technological advances, for reasons more comprehensive than merely catering to business needs. With multiple skills across legacy to n-tier technologies, along with our approach of integrating usage of tools for automating tasks and our methodologies ensure accuracy and enhanced delivery schedules. The Software Reengineering & Migration Services are executed onsite and offshore. The requirements definition and partial design and user acceptance testing is executed onsite while the coding, unit testing and systems testing is executed offshore.

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