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Mobility on Cloud

Mobility is changing how we work and live: users are blending their personal and professional lives, apps and tools need to work well across different devices, and employees expect and—are expected—to work from anywhere. Today, going mobile means having instant access to all documents, content and colleagues—as well as the tools to get any job done—anywhere, anytime.Cloud computing technology creates an unparalleled platform for organizations with enterprise mobility solutions. This computing technology relies on the sharing of computing resources to handle applications instead of having personal devices.

Cloud computing also offers a host of benefits when it comes to enterprise mobility, as now enterprises can access a wide range of information and data on mobile devices and reach their customers in a secure and effective manner. The main benefit of enterprise mobility apps, is to create an improvement of accessibility irrespective of user’s location. Leveraging cloud computing, companies would be able to authorize their own computing abilities to carry out other additional activities with the aim to increase the overall growth of an organization.

The other benefits of cloud with mobility solution are reliability, scalability, empowerment of employees, and real time updates. It therefore represents the opportunity for organizations to use available resources in an effective manner and to search out the company’s core objective..

What we offer?

Recent reports related to web traffic statistics portray a significant change with more than 20% of the total web traffic coming from mobile devices. The numbers are all set to shoot up considerably in the upcoming days. The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices has propelled the increase in need for quality mobile apps. We at Logimetrix offer mobile app development services across multiple platforms and ensure that your requirements are rightly met. We have the ability to create mobile apps that have exceptional interface design and flawless features. Our highly efficient team provides us with the skill and expertise to make sure that your requirements are take care of. Most importantly, we ensure that the mobile apps are detail-oriented, feature-rich and simple to use with an eye to quality. Despite offering exceptional service in mobile app development and optimization, we also ensure that our charges are reasonable. We specialize in developing apps on Android and iOS platforms. We can develop apps for your specific needs and it can be customized accordingly. In addition to app development, we also make sure that the apps get enough visibility through effective app store optimization strategies. We can create a wide range of mobile apps based on your requirements. Our experienced programmers have the acumen to come up with fresh ideas and provide out of the box solutions to suit your need Business in the 21st century is operating in a completely new reality. The innovative technology is rapidly changing the way enterprises function. The onset and convergence of enterprise mobility with Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Social Media are adding new dimensions to the way businesses operate. Today, Enterprises have to respond and adapt to the way employees, partners and customers connect and dynamically engage for fulfilling business objectives and reaching enterprise goals in record time. These are challenging times even for forward thinking enterprises, as they are required to quickly react and adapt to fast changing industry landscapes. The era of real-time-business is here and now.

Businesses can now leverage Mobility enabled ‘Enterprise solutions on cloud’ for various operations and streamline process flows. Companies from diverse industry sectors are utilizing several DGSL solutions like Billing software, Document processing, Customer Analytics etc. on Software as a Service (SaaS) model hosted on cloud. Armed with in-depth expertise on Mobile Cloud Computing and deep understanding of business needs, Logimetrix has paved the way for providing integrated solutions under a single umbrella. It incorporates cutting edge innovations for customization of client needs as well as the best practices of the related industry.

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