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Maintenance & Enhancement

Existing applications require ongoing attention, and it is usually necessary to make small updates and enhancements to the features. The questions each organization has to consider at some point are:

  • Are the necessary technical maintenance and support skills readily available?
  • Are we able to address requests from users efficiently and quickly?
  • Do the business systems need additional functionality to target new markets?
  • Can the in-house development team manage the support and maintenance workload alongside their new projects?
  • Can we do all this in a cost-efficient manner?

Logimetrix can help maintain your business-critical software applications and ensure that enhancements are planned and deployed per the required release schedule. We currently work with several large companies as an extension of their in-house teams, and also perform maintenance services for various software applications that we have developed for our clients.

Our professional, experienced maintenance and enhancement teams are highly cost-effective and adaptive. We can guarantee service quality by using service level metrics, and you can motivate your team by liberating them from mundane maintenance/enhancement work and focusing them on new strategic initiatives, maximizing their value to your company.

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