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LTS Engagement Models

Logimetrix engages its clients in myriad flexible ways using our finessed engagement models to handle client requirements that could be one-time or continual multi-project basis.

Logimetrix engagement specialists calibrate and customize the engagement models to work in synergy around the client enterprise specifics - from business goals to project management and HR practices. A neatly developed framework propels all the partnership processes, wherein a nuanced and structured dispensation is able to minimise risks while reaping all the benefits that accrue from an outsourcing venture. We provide clients with highly skilled and experienced program managers, developers, designers and architects to define, design, and build their business systems.

The fixed cost and time project model is best suited to projects where there is absolute clarity about the project requirements and specifications. We invite our clients to discuss and define the expected deliverables and timelines for this low risk project execution model and determine the mutually agreed fixed price and time line. Our processes have been perfectly primed so as to ensure reliability and peak performance that is timely and budget bound. This model is best suited for small scale projects where the scope, schedules and requirements of the project are specifically defined. The total cost and timeline of the development is agreed prior to the start of the project. Subsequently, we deploy the most appropriate development team, technologies and management resources to accomplish the project as agreed. Any new features or major changes later on are discussed and quoted separately. The biggest benefit that accrues from this model is timely and cost effective completion of projects on account of clearly pre-defined project specifications and deliverables.

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