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Client Server Application

A client/server application is a piece of software that runs on a client computer and makes requests to a remote server. Many such applications are written in high-level visual programming languages where UI, forms, and most business logic reside in the client application. Often such applications are database applications that make database queries to a remote central database server (this can, however, get much more complicated than that and involve other communication methods). WebExpertsIndia provides you with such application with greater security. Convenient client server environment depends on the proper and continuous connection between clients and server.

Our Client / server applications, either run locally on a client computer or through something like Terminal Server, Citrix, or VNC, can work closely with the underlying OS to provide a rich, powerful, robust, easy to use interface. Logimetrix uses n-Tier architectures like Microsoft.NET and we aim to satisfy you, your clients and customers and your suppliers with fast, reliable and secure services.

Logimetrix understands the importance of Client-Server applications & n-tier architecture in business operations. We specialize in development of high quality client-server applications with user-friendly interfaces.

Client/server describes the relationship between two computer programs in which one program, the client, makes a service request from another program, the server, which fulfills the request. Although programs within a single computer can use the client/server, it is a more important concept in a network. In network scenario, the client/server model provides a suitable & convenient way to interconnect programs that are distributed efficiently across different locations. Client/server is a computational architecture that involves client processes requesting service from server processes. It is the logical extension of modular programming. For example, database management system servers running on platforms especially designed and configured to perform queries, or file servers running on platforms with special elements for managing files.

In today's market client server provides you with a platform of becoming global. Your needs to exchange information on random basis are satisfied. Apart from this your system and technologies gets updated at a fast pace with the new emerging technologies. All these services are offered by Logimetrix at a nominal cost. Our information technology professionals develop collaborative workflows that extend the supply chain, and integrate it with external databases (such as supplier and customer bases) and other corporate systems. E-Business oriented Supply Chain solutions, such as front-end and back-end development and integration. Systems planning and implementation of supply and demand plans and their fluctuations. Systems coordination of internal and external organizations, to maximize utilization and productivity of supply chain systems.

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