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Component Development

Component-Based Development offers radically new approach to the design, construction, implementation and evolution of software applications. Software applications are assembled from components from a variety of sources; the components themselves may be written in several different programming languages and run on several different platforms.

Component is a part of the system which can be a software package, a web service, or a module in itself that encapsulates a set of related functions & when integrated to a system, performs a specific task. Component Development is a framework for distributed development of applications, which facilitates any software application with easy shipping and up gradation. With components that are finely built & perfectly integrated into a system, it's very convenient to perform tasks in an efficient manner.

Logimetrix understands the significance of an efficient component & provides you Component Development services as per the needs & specifications of your business setup. Keeping pace with the latest technologies combined with the efforts to provide Component Development Services, Unicode aims to assist you in enhancing your system's flexibility, functionality & scalability.

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