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Company Profile

Logimetrix Techsolutions is a rapidly growing business solution provider organisation founded by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) alumni with extensive experience in designing and developing cutting edge custom software solutions. We are a group of highly motivated professionals with ability to innovate and a strong desire to excel. Logimetrix Techsolutions is a customer focused company working to provide solutions which are delivered with reliability, timeliness, flexibility and low cost. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We customize solutions as per your business and technical requirements.
Our niche expertise is focused in:

  • Mobility Solutions across tech platforms and genes (Android,IOS,Windows)
  • Technology Solutions
  • Research & Analytic
  • Bespoke development and Products.

Our belief in customer's success as our success has propelled our growth and helped us build an affable relationship with our clientele spread across the globe. In today's dynamic and ever evolving business universe Logimetrix steadfast commitment is to provide and deliver the full value to our clients regardless of circumstances and empower them to succeed. In Logimetrix's culture we strongly believe that our success is completely tied with success of our clients. At Logimetrix, your technology management functions are completely taken over by us leaving you free to focus on your core business functions. Our philosophy is driven be excellence in our pursuits and the achievement of mutually fulfilling goals. The corner stone of our success is our belief in the global culture of respectability to ideas, innovation, trust and innate respect for the value of our customers, which enables our people to create world class products and services in the web application development domain.

Today, thanks in part to our expanding sales and marketing efforts, Logimetrix enjoys a growing reputation for innovation, technology leadership, quality assurance and above all outstanding products and services delivery.Despite our success, we remain on a journey: to create better products, to develop more rewarding partnerships with our customers, to better nurture the talents of our employees, and to help our customers win more in the marketplace. Whether you’re a prospective employee, partner or a customer, we invite you to join us.

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